Thursday, March 11, 2010

15 Products With Bizarre Names

The people who come up with the names of products can often times have a sense of humor. It is proven by the vast variety of products with bizarre and often funny names.

1. Jussipussi

This is an actual brand of bread from Finland.

2. Wack Off

This is an insect repellent used by the Australian armed forces.

3. Shitto

This is a hot spicy pepper sauce from Ghana that is widely popular and is supposed to have a great flavor.

4. Swine

This is a chocolate brand from China.

5. Ayds

This is a diet candy from the ‘80s that was soon taken off the market.

6. Ban Cock

This is a cockroach spray from India.

7. Pee Cola

I am sure that this might be popular in Ghana, but in other countries it might be another story.

8. Vergina

This is a lager beer from Greece.

9. Golden Gaytime

This is an ice cream brand from Australia that is widely popular throughout the continent.

10. Last Climax

This is a tissue brand name from Japan.

11. Libido

This is a soda product from China.

12. Homo Sausage

This is a product name for an East Asian fish sausage.

13. Zit

This is the name of the lemon lime Greek soft drink.

14. Pansy

This is the brand name for Chinese men’s underwear.

15. Pshhit

This is the brand name for a French soft drink.