Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Miss Virtual and Miss Silicon.The most original titles

The crown of Beauty Queen can be put on any head

1. Miss Keiyo
This contest is conducted in Kenya among long-warring tribes Pokot, Turkana, and Marakwet and Karamoya. As you can see, even in Africa knows that beauty will save the world.


2. Miss Dawn
Every October in Peru chosen Miss Dawn. This contest is completely accessible to visitors. Competition takes place in the women's prison in Lima.

3. Miss Most Beautiful Legs

4. Miss Bon Bon
Bianca Grotcher had to come to grips with 160 girls to become the new Miss Bon Bon. At a candy ball in the Vienna Concert Hall 23-year-old student was awarded 648 packages of wafers with hazelnuts: just enough girl weighs in wafer equivalents. Bianca gave his prize to the orphanage.

5. Miss World Among The Deaf

6. Miss AIDS
Among the 12 contestants for the title of Miss "AIDS - do not mark", which was held in Botswana, the judges chose Cynthia Leshomo. Three months after the victory, she died in a Canadian hospital.

7. Miss Jumbo
The event was held to find a woman who most resembles the country's national symbol, the elephant. Fat is beautiful was the motto of this, the third annual Jumbo Queen contest. It attracted more than 100 entrants and the heaviest weighed in at more than 25st, or 160kg. A 22-year-old pharmacy student has won a bizarre beauty contest in Thailand.

8. Miss Gay America
Competition "Gay America" traditionally held in the dark room since 1972. For winning this "Miss" will get 10 000 dollars. In addition, he could expect another 60 000 for shooting commercials.

9. Miss Earth
The scope of responsibilities of the current Miss Earth in addition to advertising tourist trips, is also involved in various projects on the protection of the environment.

10. Miss Fitness

11. Miss Rodeo

12. Miss Tiffany
In this contest, choose the most beautiful transsexuals in Thailand.

13. Miss Artificial Beauty
The Miss Artificial Beauty contest, aka Miss Plastic Surgery is over. The winner is Feng Qian (pictured), a 22-year-old girl from Jilin city in China's Northeast. Reuters quoted her as saying "I couldn't have done it without my plastic surgeon."

14. Miss Indian USA